Book Review: Yankee's New England Adventures by Editors of Yankee Magazine

Note: I received a digital advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Is this my first non-cookbook review? I guess so...

Being a proud New Englander, I couldn't resist requesting an ARC of this travel guide. It's full of  interesting and off-the-beaten-path recommendations for things to do and places to see in this beautiful region I call home. Each recommendation comes with a little blurb about what makes it special, as well as helpful info like phone numbers and websites. They range from things like local historical sites to art museums to classic lobster shacks.

It's also packed with balmy, gorgeous pictures of New England in the summertime and fall--really, New England at its best. Notice how no one ever posts pictures of New England in winter slush mode, which is the other half of the year.

To mix it up, there's also spotlights on certain attractions that are representative of each region, like lighthouses or clam bakes, where they aggregate similar recommendations from all over the state. Especially fun for me is the events page for each state by month. Things like fall state fairs and niche festivals that I've never heard of are fun to track in a calendar format, and I'm sure I'll be referring to these pages again.

The recommendations themselves are a good mix of touristy and local. I've lived in Connecticut for years and was familiar with a lot, but not all of the recs. I also consider Portland, Maine a second home, and agreed with most of the food recommendations (not Eventide though. Don't go there!). I've never read Yankee Magazine, but from what I've seen in this book, it seems like the target audience is older adults, so don't expect to find a lot of recs in here if you're a student trying to travel on a budget.

Overall, a fun travel guide that makes a good companion if you're a tourist doing a road trip through New England or a great coffee table reference if you're a local.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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