Cookbook Review: The Peach Truck Cookbook by Jessica Rose and Stephen Rose

Note: I received a digital advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I usually avoid niche cookbooks like this that only focus on one ingredient, but I was intrigued by the idea of a peach truck. I've never heard of the Peach Truck before, but they must be doing something right, because in the introductory pages, the Roses tell you their story of how they started from just an idea to a now-booming business. The Peach Truck delivers the freshest, most perfect peaches straight from Georgia to cities all over the South and Midwest. If you've never had the pleasure of biting into a fresh Georgian peach (*raises hand*), their mission is to change your entire perspective on the fruit.

Given their access to such great peaches, it's no surprise that all 100 recipes in their book revolve around the almighty peach. I already knew that peaches are excellent in anything from pies to scones to salads. But they've thought of even more creative ways to use them, and I found myself bookmarking almost all the recipes. How about peach candied bacon or a peach-filled sticky bun for breakfast? Savory recipes include creative peach and sausage empanadas, peach gazpacho, and peach roasted chicken. There's even a section for drinks, because duh, all the best cocktails have peach inside. The peach milkshake sounds heavenly. By the time you get to their dessert section (fried peach pies, anyone?), you have a new appreciation for the humble fruit.

I absolutely loved that every recipe came with a gorgeous photo next to it. The design is simple and fresh, and the cookbook is well-organized. The cookbook itself is bursting with summer vibes and would make great coffee table reading in addition to earning a spot in your cookbook library, especially if you are savvy and freeze your fresh peaches for the rest of the year. I would definitely purchase this myself. Props to the Roses for turning their love of peaches into a thriving business and gracing us all with your personal recipes for peach nirvana.

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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