Cookbook Review: Tartine by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson

Note: I received a digital advance reader copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Tartine is easily one of the most famous bakeries in the country, possibly the world. One of my biggest regrets on our last trip to San Francisco is not carving out some time to visit this pastry Mecca. I was therefore very excited to receive an ARC for their classic cookbook, now updated with new recipes as well as old ones that have been slightly modernized.

Every recipe is something that I want to drop everything and make. From Matcha-Glazed Croissants (!!!) to Chocolate Salted Buckwheat Cookies to Sweet Potato Cake with Meringue Topping, it's all here and it sounds delicious. There are also the traditionals--one of the first things they cover is step-by-step how to make the best croissants of your life. Their flavors range from the French (brioche and cannelles) to American (coffee cake and Dutch apple pie) to Mexican (conchas and Mexican wedding cookies) with a little bit of everything in between.

One thing that's new in this cookbook is the inclusion of gluten-free recipes and recipes that use other flours, such as buckwheat, rye, and even teff. While I'm not gluten-free, I have many friends that are and would certainly appreciate these additions. It's by no means a gluten-free cookbook, but rather friendly to modern diets.

The cookbook is filled with beautiful photos, and the recipes are well-written, clear, and designed for the home baker to follow. Some of the recipes are very complex and would benefit from a good deal of baking expertise. It's definitely not a cookbook for the beginner baker, but one for the baker who aspires to churn out tarts and French pastries from their home oven with ease.

Even though I was only supplied with the pdf version with a watermark, this is a book that will definitely be making it in my collection. Look out for the inevitable day when matcha croissants end up on this blog!

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

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